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We have developed both web series and web videos to help educate, inspire, and promote companies and causes.  In today’s market, websites cannot be without video and when well done, can drive traffic and increase sales exponentially.


Nora Gedgaudas, Primal Body Primal Mind


Gerald Roliz, The Pharmaceutical Myth




VeraVia – Your True Path to Wellness





EEG Info Logo




In order to educate potential clients and professionals, EEGINFO, world leader in neurofeedback, wanted to create a video series for their website that would both brand them as leaders in the field plus drive clinic growth.  Below is a link to a video about neurofeedback and autism and is one of a series that was produced and resulted in an increase in clinic growth.  This video series was packaged into a DVD called “What Is Neurofeedback” which also became a solid product for the client.



Raven Drum is an organization that provides healing drum circles for veterans and other populations suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  They wanted to produce media that would inspire the public both to attend and to support their programs financially.


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  1. Life is short, and this article saved vaaluble time on this Earth.

    August 15, 2011

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