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“Susie is truly gifted at seeing exactly where you are stuck and gracefully showing you where and what it is, while asking just the right questions to get you back on track. In working with her, I was able to refocus and upgrade the vision of my project and take it to a new level. She helped me structure and plan my steps for success and gave me grounded insights from her years of knowledge as a successful producer. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking life and success all the way!”




“Long before I got to know Susie Arnett she had a reputation throughout the EEG Institute for having exceptional creative and conceptual skills as well as that of being a wonderful and very highly thought of human being. A few years ago I came to this greater awareness first hand when Susie and I were brought together through a video project. I had the good fortune to get to know her and found myself indelibly impressed by her character, experience, production skills and her professional excellence.

I have since sought Susie’s professional advice relating to numerous projects. In my own experience with Susie I have been consistently impressed by her steadfast groundedness, her judgment, creative brilliance and the depth of her insightful awareness. Her capacity to think outside the box, generate unique, practical and decidedly effective ideas is truly second to none. What is also unique is the very real heart that lies behind her inherently whole-brained brilliance. Susie Arnett is a rare creative force for good in the world and knows how to make good things happen. The value of what she offers anyone in need of her services is immeasurable.

Trust me–you have not even begun to skim the surface of all the possibilities surrounding whatever project you are involved with until you’ve consulted with Susie Arnett.

Prepare to be dazzled…and successful!”




“A development session with Susie Arnett is like a creative explosion: I walk away with so many excellent, interesting, strong ideas that I use to grow my business. Susie’s ideas are always fresh and cutting edge. Her excitement is contagious. Her imagination is a treasure house.”

August Gold, Author and founder of Sacred Center NY

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