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The Yoga of Making Media

Years ago, I ran across an interview with philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. It was plain to say the least. He sat in a chair and talked while a camera watched. There was no lighting, editing, expensive set or comedian sidekick making jokes. At the time, I was a producer for MTV and spent most of my time focusing on fancy camera angles and $600/hour post-production facilities in an effort to keep my audience’s attention. But this video blew me away because although it had none of that, it worked.

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Saying Goodbye

Sometimes when we work with others, we must end our partnerships.  Like any divorce or separation, it can be tricky both legally and emotionally.  In the development of an idea or a product, there are no children but there is this third thing, this creation that has sprung from the commingling of two minds.  How do you divide something that has its own being-ness in half? Read more

What’s Stopping You?

I have a client who is a guru to many.  Her mind is so fast, her insights are completely on target and she is way smarter than me.  At first, I was a bit intimidated.  I felt a lot of pressure to keep up with her, to dazzle her to earn my keep.  What this looked like in our consulting sessions was that I stopped listening and found myself competing.  This had never happened before. Read more

Where is Your Idea Unconscious?

“A dream is just a dream until you write it down.  Then it becomes a plan.”  Walt Disney

I recently met with a couple who have an idea.  The woman is an accomplished herbalist and has been making tinctures, mists, medicinal teas, and bath “teas” for years now and selling them to friends, clients, and at the farmer’s market.  It’s been more of a hobby than a business and now she and her husband are asking themselves, do we want to turn this into a full-fledged enterprise.  Read more

This Indecision’s Bugging Me

I am developing an idea in an entirely new field.  I’m doing my research, talking to anybody who will give me time and doing a lot of google searches.  What I discovered after my first round of initial calls is that there are an infinite amount of moving parts.  Confusion filled my brain.  I spent days complaining to all my friends that I was so confused by it all.  These diatribes were part joking around, part helplessness, and part frustration.  Read more

Your Starting Point

I was speaking with a client who has a beautiful vision for a very unique type of healing center. She told me that the perfect property to house her center just came on the market. But it was going for $2.6 million dollars. “Now what?” she asked, since this wasn’t in her budget. Read more