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As authors and consultants, we have packaged, edited, and authored a variety of book projects.  Whether it’s offering support with proposal development, helping authors find the right agent or publisher, or developing book projects into TV, film or other media, we always stay focused on the core message and packaging it with integrity and the highest level of professionalism.


BORN YOGIS by Susie Arnett and Doug Kim (Rodale Press)

Born Yogis cover image, Ely performing Cobra Bhujangasana pose. By Susie Arnett and photographed by Doug Kim. Born Yogis is an interesting, educational, touching and enterprising book. -B.K.S. Iyengar

Born Yogis is a charming coffee table book that shows how we are all born natural yogis and yoginis.  Inspired by my son who was continually and naturally bending and stretching  himself into a variety of poses, the book was quickly and successfully published by Rodale and has also been published in Korean and German.



PRIMAL FAT BURNER by Nora Gedgaudas (pub. date September 2016, Simon & Schuster)

COYOTE GOES GLOBAL: A Modern Journey of Forgotten Ways by Starblanket and Dreamweaver

Coyote Goes Global is a powerful book that offers the twelve teachings of shaman Guy Lone Eagle aka Star Blanket as taught to his student Dreamweaver.

“Susie Arnett was brilliant in assisting us with editing, arranging and closing transition gaps during the writing of our book, “Coyote Goes Global”. The project was complex and Susie asked great questions and provided insightful ways to create a meaningful experience for our readers.”

Guy Lone Eagle AKA Star Blanket, Author





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LIVING SMALL by Susie Arnett–mothering-on-a-shoestring-in-an-age-of-retail-parenting/p/2042

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