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Working with schools, we have created innovative and quality educational media products to share their curriculums with larger audiences.



Leaders in the yoga field, Tias and Surya Little knew it was time to expand their teaching from classrooms all over the country to a virtual classroom where they could provide their unique teaching to a larger audience.  Inspired by the beautiful and eco-friendly yoga studio they built in Santa Fe, NM, this home practice series of 7 videos offer both beginning and advanced students a way to bring yoga into their lives whenever they want or need it.



PROTOCOL GUIDE:  VIDEO CASE STUDY – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

EEGINFO, world leader in Neurofeedback, wanted to create tools to help clinicians get inside clinical director, Sue Othmer’s, protocol development process.  Instead of creating a traditional written case study, we created a video case study where clinicians can watch Sue working with her client over the course of 24 sessions.  Students also get access to her notes and test results.
In the PTSD Case Study, follow along as Sue works with Kevin, a 10-year veteran of the conflict in Bosnia. Some of Kevin’s symptoms include sleep issues, panic attacks, nightmares, and depression. Watch Sue at work as she determines his optimal reward frequency. See how he changes and how she adjusts her protocols in response. In addition to the awake-state training, Sue’s use of Alpha-Theta continues to yield significant progress and by the end of 24 sessions, he is a self-reported “new man.” He is sleeping through the night without medication, able to go to the grocery store, the movie theater, and out to dinner for the first time in years. 
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  1. This artclie went ahead and made my day.

    August 15, 2011

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