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Do You Have A Great Idea?

Having a great idea is like falling in love.  There’s the exhilaration, the expansiveness, all the big hopes for the future.  And like any relationship, there can be bumps in the road too.  Things don’t always go as expected, planned, or wanted.  In honor of those times, I’ve recently published my new e-book, Clearing Your Inner Path to Success, to help navigate those choppy waters.   It’s idea development from the inside out because from my experience, I’ve seen how those internal walls can often manifest as external ones.  As Joseph Campbell would say, the monster is inside us.

In the book, I take a look at the most common excuses I’ve made and heard over almost 25 years of developing and producing ideas and offer solutions to help you break through what’s stopping you.  I realized that underneath it all, it really is love that carries us through the rough times.  It is the gasoline that keeps me going so that I can harness the tools, skills and resources necessary to make it happen. Good luck and let me know what’s helping you make your idea happen.

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