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Do you have an idea but are unsure about your next steps?

We are conducting a research experiment to investigate the key factors that stop us from moving our ideas forward.  Although it’s easy to blame our blocks on external factors like the economy or something going on “out there”, we’re interested in digging a little deeper.  Since our mission at Lightfield Media is to develop ideas from the inside out, we are also interested in exploring the shadow of our ideation process from the inside out too.

Join us in this project and participate in creating a knowledge base that will help others move forward more quickly and effectively.  In this economy, when many people are needing to be more resourceful than ever, our own ideas are often the key that will unlock the door to our greatest future.

Come explore with us what’s holding you back and become freer in the process.

Post your email address below and we will email you the questionnaire.

Thank you for participating!

Susie Arnett/Founder, Lightfield Media

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